torsdag 25 juli 2013

Britain bans Internet porn

We all knew the brits are quite suffering from some heavy moral panics when it comes to sex. This time they have pushed it the whole way and banned Internet porn. Just like Iran or some other rouge state. In other words: No more sweaty fingers on keyboards or inside trousers. Well, guess it figures in a country where people have underwear in the saunas. Personally, I want to live in a place where grown ups are being treated as grown ups and where parents have responsibility of their children. Yeah, I prefer a country with some real dirt before living in a nanny state. I was in London last week - and hell yeah - it IS a nanny state. Don't do this, do that. Everywhere some doozers are telling people to cross the street, to not cross the street, to walk left, to walk right, to mind the gap, to hurry up, that it's time to change diapers.. Even on the escalators on the airport, a voice from a loudspeeker told us to watch out and not tremble and fall when we came to the end. WHAT THE HELL! Grown up people are being treated like giant babies. Yes, it is an escalator. We have them to. I've been riding escalators +5000 times in my life. And i NEVER fell over! But that's just little o' me. What the hell - I'm logging out now. Let's see if I can find som good ol' porn out there. Afterwards, I can tell you brits all about it! (Just a little pun guys)